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Hot Tub Delivery & Installation

Hot Tub Delivery & Installation


Your hot tub needs a flat surface that is structurally sound. It must also be capable of holding up to 6,000 lbs. Bullfrog Spas typically recommends a concrete surface, but pavers, bricks, pea gravel, and reinforced decks can be alternatives. We can help advise you on the foundation.


The base should not have any uneven areas, dips, or sags. You should have a slight slope (½” (1.27cm) slope in an 8‘ (2.44m) run) away from the house. If you need to level your spa, do not use a shim. It isis best to get the help of a professional. A poorly placed hot hub will add stress to the shell.


Always check the requirements in your owner’s manual, and do not try to DIY this step.
Make sure that there is enough room for your electrical source and that you can easily access it. Depending on the local codes, an electrician may set up the wires for the vendor to connect.


The location of your spa depends on electricity as well as the foundation.

  • Powerlines – A minimum distance, horizontal and vertical, your spa must remain from power lines. This depends on local codes and regulations.
  • Disconnect – A service disconnect should be incorporated into the wiring. A GFCI Sub-Panel may be a substitute in some circumstances.
  • Outlets, Devices, Switches – Your hot tub must maintain a minimal distance between each of these.
  • Bond – the Control System Box needs to be connected to metal equipment, starting with a ground lug connector on the exterior surface of the Control System Box.


Choose a location that allows room for the spa, accessories, and electrical access.

Outdoor Locations

  • Avoid excessive water contact such as sprinklers or below roofs with runoff.
  • Use concrete, pavers, or stone paths to reach your hot tub and keep debris out.
  • Keep away from direct, prolonged sunlight to avoid hot tub exterior surface fading and subsequent damage.
  • Do not place the spa under trees or spill paths from gutters.
  • Do not place the spa in a pit or low area where water will accumulate to damage the hot tub and equipment.
  • Avoid positioning the electrical cord where water will be able to enter the interrupter switch.
  • Manage the electrical wiring logistics.
  • Consider the view you will have along with the privacy of the surrounding area.
  • For energy efficiency, make sure the hot tub has a strong foundation and is close to your home or other wind-stopping barriers.
  • Check the national and local codes concerning fencing or childproof gates.


Make sure that the path to your hot tub’s location is clear. Here are a few hints.

  • A – Address obstacles such as tree limbs, awnings, gas meters, water meters, and A/C units before the spa is delivered.
  • B – WARNING: Keep an eye out for power lines.
  • C – If necessary, a gate, part of a fence, or other items may need to be removed to allow access to the desired location.
  • D – Check the measurements using 90◦ turns to know the hot tub will fit the path.
  • E – More than six consecutive stairs without a landing may require you to discover another delivery path.

After delivery, your dealer can instruct you on how to correctly fill your spa with water and provide instructions for its initial startup. Your owner’s manual also has instructions. Do not run your spa when it is empty. Both your dealer and the manual can help you learn the controls of operating your hot tub and programming the different settings. It typically takes between 24 and 48 hours for your spa to reach a suitable temperature for use.